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Why are we building a directory of African American Attorneys (Black Lawyers) in Missouri?

If you are Black (or African American), you already know "why!"

This site is geared toward an African American (Black) visitor.  As with music, clothing styles, language, dance, sports and so many other areas, non-black audiences may benefit and participate on this website.  The main focus is Black Attorneys in Missouri.  Although we welcome any legal entities who desire to advertise or get listed.  We would like to recognize those law firms that have Black clients and would like to advertise their services to the Black community.

Kansas City and St. Louis are metropolitan areas that have Black Lawyers.  Both cities are on the perimeter of the state which means that blacks in smaller communities cannot easily access either city. 

If you are Black and live in Missouri, you will need an attorney at some point.  This is true for every group of people.  But African Americans know that laws put a disproportionate amount of Black men and women in prison.  Blacks will also comment that they wish they knew of a black lawyer that they could call.   Smaller Missouri communities can make a black person who is enduring a legal proceeding feel isolated. 

In many communities, Blacks and non-whites face discrimination because they are outnumbered on their jobs and in their communities.  Because they do not have a Black Attorney whom they can call, issues that have some legal claim are never resolved.

This website is built to assist non-white people in Missouri to better defend themselves whether they live in a small town or large metropolitan area.  The goal is to assist you in developing "legal muscle."

The images on this website are not intended to offend anyone but to help convey the importance of locating Black Lawyers in Missouri. 

Seeking legal representation can be frustrating and intimidating. Word-of-mouth referrals from well-meaning friends or acquaintances at work can be disastrous. Searching for the right lawyer in telephone directories is a shot in the dark. A large Yellow Page ad only says that the lawyer can afford to pay for the ad.

Selecting the right legal counsel for your situation requires critical evaluations regarding a lawyer’s expertise, experience and professional reputation. Additionally, there are issues of confidentiality, price, locale, and even ethnicity. 

The complexity of the decision making process is often made even more difficult by the urgency or time constraints often associated with legal issues. Most people simply are not qualified to determine a lawyer’s experience in a specific area of law, nor have the time to meet and consult with each one of them individually.

MissourBlackAttorneys.com  believes that informed consumers know best when it comes to choosing the right lawyer for their needs. MissouriBlackAttorneys.com will never try to pick your lawyer for you.  There is no obligation to hire an attorney, and this service is free to consumers.


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