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Kimberly Kenya Kimbrough

There are companies that will spend MILLIONS to research what I have experienced.  I AM THE RESEARCH FOR THIS PROJECT!

My name is Kimberly ~*Kenya*~ Kimbrough but some know me as Kenya.  I am the CEO of MoDomains, LLC, a Kansas CIty web development firm.  I have a B.S. in Computer Information Management from William Woods University (Fulton, MO)  and I am a Mother/Father for one beautiful young princess.

I have lived in communities such as Springfield, Sedalia, and Columbia.   I have seen the legal system up close and personal because of my own personal experiences, along with what I have witnessed with family members and friends.

My experience with the legal system in Columbia was the worst experience for me.  I was arrested after spanking a nearly white child with a belt.  You can say that me and this child had a "come to Jesus meeting."  She was pouring detergent on the head of a 2 year old 100 lb. rottweiler who was growling when I caught her.  I wanted to plant a seed into her head but the legal system thought that I abused her.  This girl survived the good old fashioned butt whooping and I have heard has not bothered another rottweiler again!  Unfortunately she also learned how to "use the system" to stay in control of her parents and does not understand discipline.

The most difficult part for me was that I could not adequately defend myself and no one seemed interested in learning the full story.  My small town attorney, Rusty Antel in Columbia, did very little to represent me aside from collecting my $2000.00 and pushing me through the system.  My arrest records indicate that I am "Black" many times.  I sure wish I knew of a black attorney that I could talk to.  I don't know if they could have done better but it would have been more comfortable and at least I could have had someone like me address the racial aspect of how black moma's discipline their children differently than white moma's.  Also, a black lawyer, I feel, could have helped me deal with the "good ole boy network" that was present in Columbia's legal arena.

The victim was released back into the hands of her father, an alcoholic and cokehead (I have never been either).  The now teenager has been in juvenile detention and has called the HOTLINE on her stepmother and father.  She is beligerent, fast, and has been caught in bed butt-naked and in the midst of sexual intercourse.  This child could have used a few more "Medea" whoopings.

One day in court, my attorney commented to the prosecutor that he was still planning on coming over to the prosecutor's house over the weekend!  Although it doesn't surprise me that they know each other, it did not seem right when I had paid this man $2,000 to represent me.  The prosecution was trying to send me to jail!  If it had been a black child, it wouldn't have gone this far!  My attorney talked me into a plea-bargain and I never had a chance to defend myself. 

I tell the truth about my situation because a good friend of mine, Miz Verna, taught me to use the material before anyone else does.  This was the best advice given to me because it made me stronger.

Although this experience was traumatic and changed the course of my life, it has given me a drive to SUCCEED.  I may cry, scream, drop a sista attitude like a nuclear bomb, be too straightforward for my own good, etc.  But this experience has given me clarity and purpose.  For some, this situation would be the end for them. 

As a result, I have been a witness at hearings at the Missouri State Capitol regarding issues concerning adults and children.  I home-schooled my daughter and she went with me to hear me share my story to legislator's in Jefferson City.  I created a website dedicated to the abuse of Black Children in Missouri, the foster care program, and how laws affect African Americans in Missouri.  I supported Sidney James, the father of Dominic James, who was killed by a racist foster care parent near Springfield.  I have written several opinions in newspapers across the country.  I assisted in bringing to light the suspicious death of Leonard Gakinya, a Kenyan who was found hanging from a radio tower in downtown Springfield in October, 2002.  Yes, I said October, 2002.  It has all of the evidence of a lynching but was ruled a suicide.

I have appeared in several Columbia Tribune articles written by columnist, Tony Messenger.  Although not named, I am listed as his "black friend."  And finally, I had an article written about moving to Kansas City.  I had planned on going to law school.  But I can't do EVERYTHING so I focus on technology and try to do the best with what talents I have.

I am a National Director for the American Family Rights Association which has a membership of more than 20,000.  I am the only African American and non-legal representative.  I have received letters, e-mails, and phone calls from people who have had their children taken away or they have been accused of sexual or child abuse.  I do not offer legal advice, but I tell them what happened with my experience and hope that they can learn from my lessons.  Legal troubles can make you feel very isolated and lonely.  So I try to be a friend and at least listen to their stories.

I am a professional speaker on subjects ranging from Internet marketing, the digital divide, the foster care system and DFS, Black History, and more! 

The Internet was not around when I was arrested in '93, so I could not research and prepare a defense.  I certainly was limited in my options of finding a decent attorney.  But in 2006, people can research the law, find an attorney, an advocate, and seek out people with similar experiences.  And it is imperative for Black people in Missouri to utilize the Internet to learn about the law.  This helps avoid situations or it can assist your attorney with research.  Although it may not save you money, you might be able to get more for your money by being prepared.  And the old adage, "knowledge is power," is true!

This site is also dedicated to children in Missouri who need to see African Americans in one of the most important professions in America.  Television, newspapers, radio, and schools do not adequately represent Blacks in the legal profession.  Children see Blacks committing crimes, going to jail, or in reckless relationships, but not as lawyers.  As a child of smaller towns in Missouri, I know how important it is to see successful Black men and women.

So MissouriBlackAttorneys.com will fill that void.  Research, reach, teach!


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